Frequently Asked Questions

Most importantly, we will always be available to support you every step of the way, because we know that personal care and attention makes a difference. Whatever you need, we’ll be there to help.

How far in advance should I confirm a wedding officiate?

While many weddings are planned up to a year in advance, many weddings are also planned in a few months, weeks or even a matter of days. I am here for anyone’s time frame. However, I do suggest, that you book your officiant as soon as you and your fiancée have chosen a date.

What about last minute requests?

My goal is to accommodate all brides and grooms in need of an officiant on their special day. Whenever there is time on my schedule, that time is yours! So, please give me a call, whether it is simply to ask for assistance or because you need a last minute officiant.

Do you require premarital counseling?

No, premarital counseling is not required. However, I do encourage all couples that are seriously dating, engaged, or newlyweds to participate in online premarital counseling at Premarital Education

Click here to visit Premarital Education’s website and learn more.

Will you marry couples of different faiths or those previously divorced?

Yes. Marriage is a divine institution ordained by God for all men and women. I require that you love each other and have a desire to be married. I will not refuse any couple the right to be married, regardless of one’s past, race, color, religion, or denominational background. I do not encourage divorce, but I do understand things do and can happen in marriages. I count it as a joy to help couples move from their past into a new beginning, that marriage can offer. I believe our God is the God of many chances.

How do we get our wedding license?

Contact the County Clerk office of the Texas county in which you are to be married.  Texas marriage licenses are valid in all counties regardless of the county where the license was issued.

For Harris County Clerk’s Office physical branch locations, click here.

For More information on Texas marriage licenses, click here.

How much communication will we have?

Your event will be smart, be it casual or formal, traditional or more unique. Every choice is about experience – unexpected details wake guests up and put them into the room, as does simplicity when well executed. The service, the flow, the entertainment and lighting, every detail small and large – they all matter.